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Artículos de interés sobre el COVID-19 para especialistas en COT

Queridos socios,
En relación con la actual pandemia de Coronavirus, adjuntamos links donde podréis localizar artículos de interés en cirugía ortopédica y traumatología, así como de carácter informativo. En todo caso esta información puede estar sujeta a cambios y deben ser corroboradas. No se recomienda su implementación de manera unilateral y deberían ser consensuadas con las direcciones de los servicios, hospitales y autoridades sanitarias.
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Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment en Español - ¡Muy Útil!
COVID-19: summary of knowledge and reliable information sources.
COVID-19 update from the UEMS.
Cómo actuar cuando un paciente con COVID-19 necesita una operación
Recomendaciones para el cuidado de pacientes con fractura de cadera del NHS
Contact tracing: Public health management of persons, including healthcare workers, having had contact with COVID-19 cases in the European Union European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.
Home care for patients with COVID-19 presenting with mild symptoms and management of their contacts
Additional considerations, in addition to standard infection prevention and control precautions
Algoritmo valoración preoperatoria cirugía programada situación post COVID-19. Junta de Andalucía, Consejería de Sanidad y Familia
Guidance for Triage of Nonemergent Surgical Procedures Orthopaedics
Adaptación de los servicios de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología a la fase postpandemia
Recomendaciones para el manejo de pacientes afectos de condiciones ortopédicas y traumáticas en edad pediátrica ante la pandemia COVID-19 (SEOP)
Cloroquina/Hidroxicloroquina: precauciones y vigilancia de posibles reacciones adversas
Informe cualitativo predicción epidemia largo plazo
BOA: Re-starting non-urgent trauma and orthopaedic care: Full guidance (muy completo)
Recomendaciones para la programación de cirugía en condiciones de seguridad durante el periodo de transición de la pandemia COVID-19
Resuming elective hip and knee arthroplasty after the first phase of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: the European Hip Society and European Knee Associates recommendations
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The New England Journal of Medicine
The Lancet
Cambridge University Press
COVID-19 Rallies the Orthopaedic Community: Singapore’s Experience
25-03-2020, 14 abril 2020
The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
25-03-2020, 14 abril 2020
Management of patients with urgent orthopaedic conditions and trauma during the coronavirus pandemic
25-03-2020, 14 abril 2020
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients undergoing surgeries during the incubation period of COVID-19 infection
14-04-2020, 14 abril 2020
Preparing to Perform Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery on Patients with COVID-19
[14-04-2020] -
Characteristics and Early Prognosis of COVID-19 Infection in Fracture Patients
Advice on Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment for Spinal Diseases during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemi
Triaging Spine Surgery in the COVID-19 Era
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients undergoing surgeries during the incubation period of COVID-19 infection
Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents - Journal of Hospital Infection
Geospatial Mapping of Orthopaedic Surgeons Age 60 and Over and Confirmed Cases of COVID-19
Limiting spread of COVID-19 in an Orthopaedic department-a perspective from Spain. Hospital La Paz
Recovery of surgical services during and after COVID-19
Current Concepts Review Resuming Elective Orthopaedic Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic
American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons Advocacy Efforts in Response to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
The ASA and APSF Joint Statement on Perioperative Testing for the COVID-19 Virus
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on an Emergency Traumatology Service: Experience at a Tertiary Trauma Centre in Spain
How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Orthopedic Implant Industry Partners? Implications for the Surgeon-Industry Relationship in 2020 and Beyond
Postcards from War Zones—Personal Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mortality Rates of Patients With Proximal Femoral Fracture in a Worldwide Pandemic: Preliminary Results of the Spanish HIP-COVID Observational Study
Post-COVID-19 return to elective orthopaedic surgery-is rescheduling just a reboot process? Which timing for tests? Is chest CT scan still useful? Safety of the first hundred elective cases? How to explain the "new normality health organization" to patients?
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) markedly increased mortality in patients with hip fracture - A systematic review and meta-analysis. 23-09-2020
Lessons learnt from easing COVID-19 restrictions: an analysis of countries and regions in Asia Pacific and Europe. 25-09-2020
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