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39° Overseas Orthopaedic Meeting (OOM)

01-04-2019 (6 días)


This is the first time that the congress will be organized in the Pacific area. ?This Congress has always been really successful since 39th years among not only the French orthopedics surgeons, but also internationally recognized (French or English are allowed during presentations) due to the high scientific level. Your participation can give you the opportunity to develop your net with experts and friends but also to discover one of the most beautiful place of the world: Tahiti and its islands. In French Polynesia at this period of the year temperature and weather are ideal, food and wine are top quality and most of tahitians are fluent in English. ?This is an ideal family destination too. The hospitality and “la joie de vivre” are unique in Tahiti. We are waiting for your requests for conferences, round tables and communications. We invite you to click on the website for your abstracts and must be send to the scientific secretary : University Hospital La Meynard Martinique Orthopaedic Scientific Secretary - Pr Jean Louis Rouvillain MD CS 90632 - 97261 Fort de France, Martinique FWI Tel +596 596 55 21 78 - Fax +596 596 75 14 92 - Scientific web site : For logistic organization (Flight, hotels & inscription) : Meeting Outremer Espace Cluny - 97200 Fort de France, Martinique FWI Tel: +596 596 60 09 33 / Fax: +596 596 63 37 66 - Logistic web site : Could you spread this information to our friends, colleagues, in your country and abroad Best Regards Pr Philippe NEYRET Président du Comité Scientifique Pr Jean-Louis ROUVILLAIN Coordinateur des Journées Dr Dr Karim DJENADI Président de l’ACOT

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